Medical Grade Surgical PPE, Air Filter Face Shield


Infectious viruses are mainly spread by droplets in the air, face and eyes are in direct contact with air. There is a risk of infection.

Medical surgical face & eye gear isolate the wearer from a variety of airborne hazards in the form of a bacteria ,germ , dust or vapour.

Medical surgical face & eye gear filter the air to remove harmful particles and alongside the breathing apparatus (BA) provides clean air for the worker to breathe .

Having respiratory virus pneumonia can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, leaving you destitute and even losing your loved ones. Buy a face & eye safety gear now to protect you and your family。

There are our medical face & eye gear list :

UVex N95 Silv-Air 2210 FFP2V Valved Cup-Shaped Face Cover Particulate Respiratory Shield • NIOSH Approved • FDA Cleared,Suitable for highly infectious environments, such as dense crowd, But not hospital  
20 pcs * N95/KN95  Particulate Respiratory shield Anti influenza Safety Breathing Mask, Suitable for person who are in close contact with many other people 
Special discount offer - 100 pcs * Disposable Medical Protective Face Covers Hospital Grade Preventive Virus, Very affordable, and its effect is close to that of N95 masks, Suitable for ordinary people to protect themselves  
Washable & Reusable Activated Carbon Air Filter Mask Anti Pollution Respirator Dust Masks ( With 10 Filter Sheet ) 
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